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Spring / Summer Interior Decor Design Trends

Springtime usually coincides with home improvements, the time when you dust off the winter blues and spark some life into your interior decor with bright colors and summer vibes. Before you get down to stripping walls and prepping surfaces, you might want to consider what spring/summer trends are most likely to take off this year.

At Nordavian we see hundreds of different designs and styles every week, so we are in a pretty good place to see some emerging trends. The spring/summer collections are usually bright, bold and full of color, however, there are some other patterns that are predicted to be best sellers for the upcoming seasons.

Big Plant Prints

Rainforest inspired decor will be one of this year’s best sellers. Prints that include large banana leaves, exotic flowers, and palms. These prints are usually on darker base color to help the plant print stand out, this also gives a feeling of depth to the design.

Golden Feathers

Who doesn’t love gooooold…This will always be in trend, however, there is a really interesting trend emerging around feathers. From small dainty feathers to big ostrich type tail feathers, these wallpaper prints are already flying (no pun intended) off the shelves. Gold is a great color that can complement almost any interior decor, however, it looks great in bedrooms and living rooms where it can match with soft furnishings.

Solid Pastels

Pastel colors have been popular for years, but choosing a bold color such as yellow, orange or red has not always been the most popular option – until now. This spring/summer you can expect to see more color blocking in the home decor space. Bring the spring and summer vibes inside and get brave with bold and pastel colors!

Cool Blues

The right shade of blue can transform any interior space, opening with a calm, welcoming vibe. Blue brings some relief from hot summer days that can surround you during the dog days. Blue is a relaxing color so it’s ideal for bedrooms, studies, and home offices. This year, the trend emerging is blues with soft floral patterns, all working within the same color hue for continuity.

Water Colors

This trend is set to take the year by storm. Although it’s very broad and contains numerous different patterns, the watercolor style used is a softer color palette, this is a great option for smaller rooms where a bold print or color would dominate too much. The print looks like an artists brush, this makes each print almost look unique as if it’s hand-painted, this also leads to a luxurious feel and finish to your home decor.

Whether your home needs a partial or complete renovation, you will always need the trending spring/summer designs. To get the best quality, a wide range of variety and great service choose Nordavian wall coverings. Our team is always available to help answer any questions you might have – remember, with our self-adhesive wallpaper application is easy, fast and paste free.

Get in touch now or browse through our collections, we are adding new designs every week and we also take custom design orders. For more info email us

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